The Light Code Luminary Oracle was created out of our desire to support healing, growth and raising consciousness on Planet Earth. While both of us have been practicing energy healing modalities and spirit and multidimensional communication for quite some time, our introduction to Light Language Communication was unexpected but very synchronistic. It came in the perfect time and in the perfect manner.

In many ways our spiritual practices leading up to Light Language Communication feel like they were training and preparation for us to channel, receive and share its transformative and powerful frequencies and activations. Opening to Light Language and benefitting from our relationship with it has been one of the most profound, delightful, and life-changing experiences we have had. We are truly grateful for the opportunity to share it with you. 

Kayma Englund

Kayma Englund is an intuitive artist, healer, clairvoyant channel, and teacher with a passion for supporting and empowering individuals on their spiritual path. Kayma has been communicating with the spiritual realms for as long as she can remember. She founded The Kamali Temple to facilitate healing sessions, spiritual readings, and growth and empowerment classes for clients all over the world. For more information visit

John Kreick

John Kreick is an author, educator and digital artist who has been working with the higher-dimensional realms since childhood. He has a lifelong passion for exploring higher consciousness, healing, and spirituality. His creative yet grounded approach and true knack for making spiritual concepts and practices accessible to all makes him a trusted guide and teacher. He delights in supporting others as they work to explore and express their most authentic self and create the life they most desire.